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Funded background: FORMOSTAR

FORMOSTAR is a Hamburg-based company that develops, produces and distributes apparatus solutions for the cosmetics, health and wellness sectors. Since 1983, worldwide therapeutic facilities, rehabilitation clinics, wellness farms, fitness and solar studios of Formostar have been trusting in competence and quality.

For us, competence means not only qualification, but also the implementation of experience, which we pass on to our customers with our products.

All materials and components are subject to constant quality control and are processed with the utmost care. This guarantees you a long device life and the best possible treatment success.

 Thanks to the high quality and effectiveness, our systems have always been the most reliable and best treatment equipment since 1983, which has now sold more than 25,000 times worldwide.

We do not just want to “bring the products to the man” but we maintain close contacts with our customers. For this reason, FORMOSTAR dispenses with cumbersome and cost-intensive distribution channels. The direct contact, as well as the fast response time, give you the security for immediate service; All information about our products and treatment methods can be obtained from “first hand”.

numbers, data, facts

  • 1983 Foundation of FORMOSTAR by Dr. H.G. Shepherd.
  • Development and production of the FORMOSTAR® exclusive: the first thermal therapy system with heat-bonding of highly flexible full-silicone rubber and the possibility of connecting six bandages.
  • 1984 Developments in the field of cosmetics for third parties.
  • 1990 Launch of the Softy bandages.
  • 1997 Acquisition of electro medical by the sons I.B. Schäfer and Dr. J.-I. shepherd
  • 1998 Launch of another System
  • 1999 Launch of FORMOSTAR massaging System
  • Treatments and equipment trolleys in a designer look for the wellness and studio area
  • 2000 FORMOSTAR® skin gels
  • 2001 Market leader in the US: Infrared Body Wrap
  • 2003 Market launch in Germany: FORMOSTAR digital
  • 2004 General Representative in Australia
  • 2005 market leader in Australia, FORMOSTAR now also in New Zealand
  • 2006 Formostar Digital in a new design and further improved
  • 2007 Silicone Bandgen further optimized
  • 2008 General Representative in Belgium for Benelux
  • 2009 market leader Belgium
  • 2010 New partners in the USA
  • 2011 sales start with KONTUR Body Wrap in the USA
  • 2012 Sales start of Body Wave in the USA
  • 2013 30 years FORMOSTAR Hamburg
  • 2013 New distribution partners in England
  • 2016 New silicone bandages
  • 2018 New distribution partners in England

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