The treatment range of FORMOSTAR® extends from weight on cellulite and circumferential reduction through to physiotherapy and is almost all beauty and wellness treatments combined.

weight Loss:

Reduction of volume and weight of the unloved problem areas for women and men: The unsightly fat deposits are perfused stronger in the absence of evaporative cooling using the respective bandages – the reduction of fat deposits and detoxification are promoted. Targeted slimming and detox.


Due to our most unhealthy diet and lifestyle, ie the consumption of hormone-containing meat and fast food, and lack of exercise, there is every second woman and even with men increasingly to problems with the connective tissue whose outward sign is the unsightly orange peel or cellulite , Thermotherapy helps this unwanted condition counteract and brings the connective tissue lingering back into shape.

muscle tension:

The soothing heat can relieve up to analgesia in muscle tension, for example, gain at the lumbar spine, but also after injuries in sports or rheumatic complaints, if heat is not contraindicated.

Anti Aging:

Thermotherapy tightens skin tone. The heat penetrates deeply into the skin, improved circulation ensures a firmer skin. Impurities and dead skin cells are dissolved, stretch marks, for example, by diet or pregnancy are reduced. Immediately after the treatment, the skin feels smooth and silky.

Wellness: (Relaxation)

relax 50 minutes and relax in a soothing warmth. Tensions are released, nervous symptoms are reduced. the general well-being is increased and the sleep is promoted.