Cellulite and its causes

Cellulite and its causes

Cosmetically seen this circumstance is for many women the beauty problem no. 1: After all, eight out of ten women more or less affected. Age and weight do not always play a significant role.

Find out more about the anatomy

Man is born with a genetically fixed number of fat cells. These fat cells can store unused, partly superfluous fats and thus be extended to the 3 to 10 times its original size. The female body is programmed to the so-called menopause on pregnancy and the creation of reserves for bad times. During evolution, a skin structure with a loose federation of parallel collagen and elastic fibers has, controlled by hormones, formed. This enables optimum matching the required elongation of the connective tissue during pregnancy. In men, the connective tissue is like a grid connected and thus significantly less stretchy.

What is happening?

Physiologically, cellulite is an uneven distribution of enlarged fat cells in the connective tissue, especially on bottom and thighs, the natural reservoirs of the body. At the same time, the enlarged fat cells connect lump-like, tissue fluid accumulates in itself. This complicates the natural disposal of the connective tissue metabolism of residual products and toxins through the lymphatic vessels and blood vessels. Manifested externally is Cellulite, also called orange peel, with dents and waves. There are many different cellulite structures. In the mild form it only shows up when the fabric is pushed with hands together. Stronger cellulite is already visible when tensing the muscles.

As we know now is to bring the positive capacity of the female body during pregnancy the fetus safely through bad times cellulite. However Cosmetically seen a problem; often it is only initiated or promoted by various factors.

Triggers and / or conveyor for cellulite

  • excessive or incorrect feeding
  • lack of movement, not a sport
  • sedentary work in a Job
  • too much fat, salt, sugar and hormones
  • too little Hydration
  • diets

Formostar thermotherapy can effectively counteract the cellulite: As exclusive form of treatment, or supportive used in diet, Wellness and Sport.