Professionell exclusive

With silicone bandagesProfessionell exclusiv

30 years worldwide use and experience have used this system to the controversy made what it is today: Extremely solid and efficient. Designed for daily professional use in clinics and Day Spa’s.

The controller is equipped with 6 connections for 2 arm / calf, 1 abdominal, pelvic and 1 2 thigh Thermo bandages. The heat wraps are always individually regulated to ensure the intensity to an individual adaptation. The control unit automatically switches off after the treatment.


FORMOSTAR® exclusive

  • With and among many therapies used
  • Can be combined with e.g. Pressure wave massage, ultrasound, endermologie
  • Classic quality design
  • Designed for daily use in hospitals and medical practices
  • Fine adjustments: regulation and supervision
  • Solid and efficient
  • 30 years of experience and continuous development
  • Deployed worldwide
  • No maintenance and repair costs
  • Low energy consumption of 0.4 kWh
  • 24 months Warranty!