treatment success

As an essential effect of thermotherapy accelerating the metabolism can be seen. As this continues for about 48 hrs., About 2-3 sessions per week are recommended. With 10-12 applications notable successes already achieved. A clearly noticeable stress relieving and tonic effect adjusts itself after the first application.

weight loss

Although the positive effects on the whole body and the psyche of paramount importance, the issue of weight loss at the thermal therapy is certainly a priority.


Thermotherapy causes the targeted reduction of fat deposits and unnecessary pounds to the individual problem areas of the feminine or masculine body. For example, a circumference reduction of up to 8 inches in the hips can be achieved with.

problem Areas

Fat in the problem areas of hips, buttocks, waist, upper arm and calves are specifically reduced by thermotherapy. The deep heating of subcutaneous fat is achieved by the absence of evaporative cooling using the respective bandage. This leads to an increased metabolism in the affected region, and thus to an increased breakdown of fat and slag materials.

Rheumatic complaints

Pain relief through to freedom from pain in rheumatic complaints can be effected by thermal treatment, unless heat is not contraindicated.

muscle Tension

Treatment with thermotherapy triggers painful muscle spasms e.g. at the lumbar spine, to which modern man has often suffered.


The positive effect of it can be seen at first sight on the circulation. Thus, for the patients treated with thermotherapy body areas adjacent white (poorly perfused skin) red (well perfused skin) recognize. After a few applications, the poorly perfused skin recede markedly and eventually disappear entirely.


Activation of metabolism by the thermal therapy is achieved in the during the treatment, the peripheral (outer) body parts are heated to about 10 ° C to about 40 to 42 ° C. This increase in temperature increases the metabolism by a multiple of the normal and also speeds up the breakdown of protein.


By thermotherapy an improvement in skin texture and a tightening of the tissue is induced. Notable successes are already apparent after the first application.


The relaxing effect of thermotherapy, which can be accurately and objectively measure the clinical test and also demonstrate a result that the overall well-being increased, reduced nervous disorders and sleep is promoted.

Orange skin / cellulite

Due to our most unhealthy diet and lifestyle, that is the benefit of extremely hormone containing meat and fast food and lack of exercise, there is every second woman and even with men increasingly to problems with the connective tissue whose outward sign is the unsightly orange peel or cellulite , Thermotherapy is particularly suitable to counteract this unwanted condition.


A positive side effect of the treatment can normally almost immediately after an application is a digestive effects are perceived, which then lasts for a while. This diuretic and laxative effects are mostly observed in those who suffer from constipation and therefore constantly taking laxatives regularly.


Thermotherapy causes strengthening the body’s Abwehrkäfte and immune system, which may lead to a reduced susceptibility to health Problems.