Experiences with FORMOSTAR

Dr. med. Henk C. Hietkamp describes his experiences FORMOSTAR.

Statement on thermotherapy

For over 10 years I have been using thermotherapy in the stationary Mayr cure and the treatment is an integral part of the overall concept of our therapeutic range. The treatment is subjectively experienced as very pleasant, inter alia. To recognize it. That many spa guests want a daily treatment. The “deceleration factor” due to the profound relaxation allows most spa guests to sleep deep during the treatment – a major regeneration factor. In addition to this subjectively pleasant component of the treatment, the organism produces various reactions which favor the cure.

A major effect of thermotherapy is the acceleration of metabolism. Therefore, during a dietary intervention, e.g. At the Mayr-Kur, an ideal accompanying treatment since the caloric restriction reduces the basic turnover. As a result of the daily treatment, the weight reduction can be forced (“passive calorie consumption”). For daily use, an additional weight loss of up to 5 kg per month can be achieved depending on the initial weight. This is a particularly interesting approach with limited mobility and lack of movement in the cold seasons.

 A particularly effective aspect of thermotherapy is the possibility to have the heat applied where the weight reduction is particularly desired: in the area of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. The heat is transferred to the whole organism through this entry port, as the local warming reaction gradually spreads over the entire body as a result of the duration of the treatment (50 minutes). It comes to a mild hyperthermie.

Complications of the musculoskeletal system and muscular hardness are also favorably influenced by the possibility of local application.

The relaxing effect of the heat on the vegetativeum occurs through the viscero-cutane reflex relationships: digestive function, sleep quality and recovery time improve and the perspiration is stimulated by the perspiration.

Due to the increased blood circulation of the skin and the underlying tissue, a visible tightening and refinement of the skin image occurs.

The devices are indestructible and easy and safe to use.

Dr. med. Henk C. Hietkamp