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What is deep heat?

Under deep heat is the application of heat to the human body. It is distributed by deep heating appliances. This is done by radiant heat. (Also called infrared energy) radiant heat is a form of energy that is directly heated by an implementation process objects, without which they heat surrounding air.

The infrared radiation causes heating of deeper tissues. The body can absorb the majority of the votes infrared rays here.

Due to the direct warming of the body with IR radiation reach about 80% of the delivered energy into the body, only approximately 20% heat the ambient air. This also results in much more effective use of energy as in saunas or steam baths.

Through the depth effect of IR radiation substantially higher sweat volume than in the traditional sauna is effected, although the operating temperatures in the sauna usually be about 85-100 ° C and the operating temperatures of the IR heating systems with only about 50-60 ° C. At this time, in contrast to the sauna, the circulatory system is not so much affected by the inhalation of hot air.
 Deep heat is among others used in the spa and recommend as cellulite.

Source:Wikipedia https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiefenwärme

What is cellulite?

When cellulite (also orange peel or cellulite falsely called) is a dimpling of the skin, which may occur mainly in the thighs, upper arms, hips and buttocks. She is found almost exclusively in women because men have a different connective tissue structure. Cellulite can occur in young adults with obesity and / or weak connective tissue already, with age they get 80 to 90 percent of women in varying degrees.

The description of the phenomenon under the name Cellulite arrived in English speaking countries in the late 1960s. Widespread acquired the idea among others through publications of Nicole Ronsard. Their descriptions of the cause as “slag”, the anlagere in the body, have now been proven wrong. Cellulite occurs in women because their fat is primarily under the skin (subcutaneously), on the other hand to swell the fatty tissue by withdrawing connective tissue septa (collagen strands retinacula cutis) as quilts similar subdivision of fat lobules under cyclic female hormonal changes sometimes more or less, and hence the “Quilt make “the collagen bands visible. Cellulite is caused, among other hormonal (estrogen). For the alternative medical assertion responsible the accumulation of several is “pollutants” in the connective tissue (keywords acidification and slagging), there is no scientific evidence.

Cellulite is not a disease phenomenon, but a biologically induced change of the female connective tissue which can be a purely aesthetic problem. To prevent or reduce many medical, alternative medical and cosmetic treatments have been developed, none of which is completely successful.

source: Wikipedia https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellulite