Professionell Digital

With silicone bandagesProfessionell Digital

Designed for daily professional use, this system is characterized by high-quality design in stainless steel, aluminum and easy operation.

A “Heatup” – function thermal bandages are preheated 10 minutes prior to treatment. At the start of the treatment, the duration and intensity is preset to default values, so that the treatment can be started without any further adjustment with a single keystroke. The respective intensity and duration of treatment is represented by a blue-lit graphic display.

The Thermo bandages are always individually regulated to ensure the intensity to an individual adaptation. The device switches after the treatment automatically and goes into standby mode. Optionally, an integrated operating hour meter is available.

The controller has 6 terminals for 2 arm / calf, 1 abdominal, pelvic and 1 2 thigh Thermo bandages.


  • Solid and efficient
  • Innovative stainless steel design
  • Easy to use
  • Digital display and setting
  • Automatic activation of connected bandages
  • With and among many therapies used (for example, LPG Endermologie)
  • No maintenance and repair costs
  • Low power consumption

As a manufacturer we offer you to personalize your device Custom option!

With your colors or with Swarovski crystals?

Digital Pink-White

swarovski edition