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speed up the metabolism and increase enzyme activity for about 48 hours. For lasting results at least 3 sessions per week. Optimal: 10-12 applications


men and women have increasingly problems with the connective tissue, known as orange peel or cellulite. Thermotherapy helps to counteract.


The soothing heat can provide relief to pain relief for rheumatic complaints, if heat is not contraindicated.


Treatment with Thermotherapy helps painful muscular tension, for example, at the lumbar spine, but also after injuries in sports.


fat deposits in the absence of evaporative cooling using the respective bandages increased flow of blood and a purification of the body is promoted.


temperature increase of the peripheral (outer) body parts to about 10 ° C to 42 ° C activates the metabolism many times and also accelerates fat loss.


Improved circulation ensures gefestigtere skin. Stretch marks, for example, by diet or pregnancy are reduced. The skin feels smooth and silky.


thermotherapy activated excess energy in the body and causes a strengthening of the body’s defenses and the immune system. As with any form of cardiovascular exercise.


relaxation in a soothing warmth. Tensions are released, nervous symptoms are reduced. The general wellbeing fi is ends increased and the sleep is promoted.