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What happens during the 50 minute treatment with Formostar in the body?


The graph shows: In the core of the body is the temperature at the highest. Outwardly it decreases steadily. Especially in the peripheral area where the fat deposits are stored, the temperature is normally ziehmlich low. This is where the FORMOSTAR® act bandages and let its warmth penetrate deep into the tissue.

The graph below shows the skin and the fatty tissue beneath with its individual cells. Adipose tissue is traversed by a network of fine blood vessels. Already during the first treatment FORMOSTAR® the vessels widen. Repeated application FORMOSTAR® it comes to proliferation, a sprouting of blood vessels. The blood circulation and thus the heating of the adipose tissue is greatly improved. The stronger blood circulation leads to a natural detoxification. Metabolic waste products are removed.

These interlocking body reactions allow targeted, i.e. at places where FORMOSTAR® bandages are applied to decrease. The treatment is perceived as pleasant and relaxing.