With silicon bandagesStandard 2013

Since 1983, we already produce devices with the highest quality standards. Only the best materials are incorporated into the production of our Formostar devices.

With our standard, we offer our customers the possibility the benefits of thermotherapy and in private use.
The standard provides approximately the same treatment options as our devices, which have been designed for professional use.

Designed for home use, this system is characterized by simple and safe operation. Both the device and the associated bandages are made from very high quality materials, thus ensuring a long service life. So that you can learn as a user of enjoyment and well-being through Formostar.

The controller has 4Anschlüsse for 1 abdominal, pelvic and 1 2 thigh – Thermo bandages. A, Heatup’- function thermal bandages are preheated 10 minutes prior to treatment. At the start of the treatment, the duration and intensity is preset to default values, so that the treatment can be started without any further adjustment with a single keystroke. The respective intensity and duration is displayed on a blue-lit graphic display. The Thermo bandages are always individually regulated to ensure the intensity to an individual adaptation.
The device switches after the treatment automatically and goes into standby mode.

Optionally, an integrated operating hour meter is available.
The energy consumption is approximately € 0.10 per treatment

Technical specifications: Technical specifications:
Input voltage: 230/115 Volt ; 50/60 Hz
Outpu voltage: 24 V
Power: 400VA
Dimensions: B 35cm; H 14cm; T 30cm
Weight: 6,3 Kg
Data about the bandages: Data about the bandages:
The Softy heat bandages are made of hypoallergenic material.
Dimensions: Abdominal / back bandages 124 x 25 cm
Leg bandages: 85 x 25 cm
Arm bandages: (Not part of the delivery! accessories) 48 x 21 cm